AutoRec has been discontinued.
We are recommending that all of our customers switch to AutoEntry.
AutoEntry does everything that AutoRec does and a lot more.
Think of AutoEntry as AutoRec 2.0.

Some of the advantages of AutoEntry over AutoRec

- Cloud-based, no software needs to be installed

- Unlimited user profiles at no additional cost

- Automatic verification of accuracy

- Upload multiple statements in one file or separate files at the same time

- Advanced analysis software allows for better analysis

- More reports and more export formats

How it works

AutoRec pictogram

See AutoRec in action

AutoRec screenshot


Cost savings

With licenses priced for every level of user in mind, AutoRec™ can save your firm thousands per user, every year. AutoRec™ lets you to take on more business without additional staff while providing quicker turn-around on accounts preparation and analysis.

Accuracy check of the scanned data

Our bank reconciliation accounting software will verify the accuracy of the scanned data. AutoRec™ will read each page image automatically detecting what bank statement type it is. We can also recognise each cheque number presented on the bank statement additionally identifying and presenting missing cheque numbers.

Bank Reconciliation Software

Using AutoRec™ you can scan your client's bank statements on your standard office scanner straight into a bank reconciliation spreadsheet. OCRex delivers tailor made reconciliation solutions for highly accurate data extraction from scanned images of paper bank documents for ShoeBox / Paper based clients.

Accounting Solutions

AutoRec™ saves 90% of the time taken to carry out accounts preparation by accountants and bookkeepers on behalf of their paper based or "shoebox" clients.

See AutoRec Pricing

Used for

For Accountancy Practitioners

  • Extract data from paper or PDF statements in minutes
  • Easily track cheque payments
  • Assign VAT
  • Assign nominal codes
  • Do full payments and receipts analysis
  • Export data to other software packages such as Digita,Excel,IRIS Accounts Production,Relate Accounts Production,VT,Xero etc.

For general data extraction jobs

  • Recognise dates and numbers more accurately
  • Recognise multi-line descriptions
  • Recognise cheque numbers
  • Remove unnecessary lines such as balance forward
  • Ignore advertisements and other irrelevant information

Over 50% of accountancy practice companies that viewed a demonstration of AutoRec bought it.


AutoRec has reduced the time and cost involved in the completion of bank reconciliation's whilst producing clear and concise working papers for our files.

Partner: Owen Hickey, Hickey and Associates

AutoRec's simplicity meant our staff were immediately empowered to use it for other applications such as revenue audit preparation.

Partner : Neal Morrison, McInerney Saunders

AutoRec is fast, simple to use and saves a lot of time and money. The days of "ticking and bashing" are gone for good!

Owner: Chris Feeney, Feeney Accountants

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